Frejas Store Kraft

by Virelai

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A celebration of Freja - The Norse Goddess of love and fertility.

The All Father Odin - God of wisdom, magic and poetry.

Thor - The God of thunder, strenght and a prosperous harvest.


Frejas store kraft må råde i Vor cirkel
Kærlighed, visdom øges her i Mimers klare vand
Haslen beder mig elske, elske
Bøgen giver mig hvile
Birken lover vist en drøm
Som stjernerne i natten

Odins store kraft må råde i Vor cirkel
Kundskab, visdom øges her i Mimers klare vand
Sleipner beder mig ride, ride
Hugin giver mig vinger
Gungnir lover vist et mål
der kan betvinge striden

VingThors store kraft må råde i Vor cirkel
Styrke, visdom øges her i Mimers klare vand
Mjolnir beder mig vente, vente
Torden giver mig styrke
Lynet lover frugtbarhed
Regn i stride strømme


released April 9, 2017
Frejas Store Kraft/The Great Power of Freya. Produced by Rishi Sæther. Recorded by Boe Larsen in Mill Factory Studio, CPH.
The melody is a traditional Swedish folktune, the words of the song are made by the wise woman Lill Ljungberg. Søren Hammerlund and the Vølve Gudrun Victoria, translated and added new words of celebration and honour to this blót song.




Virelai Denmark

Danish Medieval/Viking/Folk band.
Based on love and respect for the tradition.
Originates from the beauty of music, dance & poetry. Carried through by friendship, community, love & joy.

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